Royal Skousen

2 03 2011

We had a fine time with Royal Skousen–he was kind enough to share over 2 hours worth of insights gained from his work with the critical text of the Book of Mormon.  Knowledge + guacamole + mojitos=satisfied Mormstorites.


Past Speakers

1 02 2011

Max Parkin—1/27/06 (temple in Independence)

Duane Jeffery—2/3/06 (evolution, ID in schools)

visit to Archives—2/10/06

Glen Leonard—2/17/06 (Joseph’s vision for Nauvoo)

Richard Bushman—2/24/06 (Lion House–Joseph)

Thomas Alexander—3/3/06 (WoW, Manifesto)

Andrew Ehat—3/10/06 (succession after Joseph)

Eldred Smith—3/24/06 (artifacts)

Dan Bachman—3/31/06 (polygamy)

Grant McMurray—4/7/06 (CoC, identity crisis)

Bob Norman—4/14/06 (King Follett discourse)

Dan Vogel—8/8/06 (who was Joseph?)

Michael Quinn—8/16/06 (experience in “Camelot”)

visit to SLC Cemetery with John Peterson—8/31/06

Bruce Stewart—9/7/06 (Hiram Page)

visit to Masonic Temple—9/14/06

Paul Smith—10/12/06

Ron Walker—10/26/06 (MMM)

Davis Bitton—11/2/06 (George Q. Cannon)

Alma Allred—11/9/06 (history of fundamentalist groups)

Curt Bench–1/11/07 (Hofmann, Mormon book trade)

Mike Homer—1/18/07 (travelers’ views on Mormons)

Chad Orton—2/1/07 (handcart Mythbusters)

John Peterson—3/1/07 (Black Hawk War)

Harris Lenowitz–3/28/07 (use of Hebrew in Christian/Mormon art)

Tony Weller—4/26/07 (Mormon books)

Todd Harris—5/17/07 (Martin Harris, Translation Department)

Greg Prince—5/27/07 (David O. McKay)

Michael Young—1/31/08 (church/state relations)

Curt Bench—2/22/09 (origins of the D&C)

Brant Gardner—3/22/09 (Mesoamerican BoM setting)

Gary Bergera—4/26/09 (Richard Lyman and fellow transgressors)

Jim Allen—12/5/10 (William Clayton)

Royal Skousen–2/26/11 (BoM critical text)

Royal Skousen–Feb 27th

27 01 2011

In preparation for our upcoming event with Royal Skousen, he has sent a presentation he has put together.  If possible, read it over and, of course, come with some  questions.

Part 1

Part 2