What We Is

Mormstory has a dark secret–it wasn’t always known as Mormstory. Life began at the University of Utah when Bryan and Jake realized that the cram sessions before a church history trip had left them with an addiction to Mormon history. They put their awesome heads together and came up with UofUMHA. Once they came up with a name for the group, everything else was easy. Jake (AKA Dr. PhoneSmooth) was the official inviter–nothing more fun than listening Jake cold-call Richard Bushman and get him to speak to us. After sweet-talking ASUU into giving us a pile of dollars, we were able to get “officially licensed” binders as well as two blockbuster events: flying former CoC president Grant MacMurray out from Independence and a fantastic lunch with Richard Bushman at the Lion House. Time passed and most of UofUMHA moved on from the U. The time for change had arrived and Mormstory was born.


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